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Why You May Need to Repipe Your House in Perth

Have you repipe you noticed any signs of water leaks in your house, such as damp patches, mould growth, low water pressure, or high water bills? If so, you may have a serious plumbing problem that requires repiping your house. Repiping is the process of replacing the old or faulty pipes in your house with new ones that are more durable and efficient.

Repiping is not a minor or cheap undertaking. It can cost you thousands of dollars and disrupt your daily life for weeks. However, it may be necessary if your house has been built with poor or faulty pipes that are prone to leaks and failures.

This is the case for many houses in Perth that have been constructed with polybutylene pipes, a type of plastic pipe that has been found to be defective and unreliable.

What’s Wrong With Polybutylene Pipes?

Polybutylene pipes were widely used in Perth and other parts of Australia from the 1970s to the 1990s, as they were cheaper and easier to install than copper or steel pipes.

However, they have been proven to be a disaster for homeowners, as they tend to degrade and crack over time, especially when exposed to chlorine and other chemicals in the water supply.

According to the Department of Commerce, there have been hundreds of reports of water leaks and damage caused by polybutylene pipes in new homes in Perth since 2017. The estimated cost of repairing or replacing the faulty pipes could reach up to $700 million.

If your house has polybutylene pipes, you may be at risk of experiencing water leaks and damage, which can compromise your health, safety, and property value. That’s why you should consider repiping your house as soon as possible, before the problem gets worse and more costly.

How to Repipe Your House with Splash and Gas

A vertical shot of residential water meters and pipes on stone wall background

If you decide to repipe your house, you need to hire a professional and reputable plumbing company that can do the job right. That’s where Splash and Gas comes in. Splash and Gas is a trusted and reliable plumbing company that offers high-quality repiping services in Perth and surrounding areas.

We have a team of skilled and experienced plumbers who can handle any repiping project, no matter how big or small. We are available 24/7, so you can count on us to respond quickly and efficiently to your call.

In addition, we also have the necessary equipment and tools to perform the repiping services safely and effectively. We use the best materials and methods to replace your old or faulty pipes with new ones that are more durable and efficient. Also, we follow the industry standards and regulations to ensure that your plumbing system is compliant and secure.

How We Helped a Customer in Leederville with Repiping Services

One of our recent customers was a homeowner in Leederville who had a polybutylene pipe burst in his laundry room. He noticed water gushing from the wall and flooding the floor. He immediately turned off the water valve and called us for help.

We arrived at his home within 15 minutes and assessed the situation. Also, we found that the polybutylene pipe behind the washing machine was split and leaking water. We advised the customer that he needed to repipe his house, as the polybutylene pipes were likely to fail again in the future. The customer agreed and gave us his consent to proceed.

We then repiped his house with new copper pipes, which are more resistant and reliable than polybutylene pipes. Also, we replaced the pipes in the laundry room, kitchen, bathroom, and other areas of the house. We also tested the pipes for leaks and ensured that they were working properly.

We completed the repiping services in less than a week and restored the water service to the customer’s home. The customer was very impressed and happy with our work. He thanked us for our excellent service and said he would recommend us to his friends and family.

Key Takeaway

If your house has polybutylene pipes, you may need to repipe your house to avoid water leaks and damage. Repiping your house is a big and expensive decision, but it can save you from more trouble and stress in the long run.

If you need repiping services, contact us at Splash and Gas today and get a free quote. We will repipe your house with the best materials and methods and make your plumbing system safe and secure.

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